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Multiframes is a digital and online agency based in Beirut, Lebanon. It delivers high quality and cost-effective interactive Web Design and Web Development services since 2002 in order to fit your desired positioning and build a powerful and coherent corporate identity.

Mobile Apps, Web Based Applications, Video Production, Social Media Management and SEO services you could benefit from in order for you to attract a larger crowd to your website and convert your prospects into customers.

Multiframes offers 360 degree services in a wide variety of fields in the private and public sectors, including NGOs and all types of businesses.

➝Our Mission:

Taking your online and offline presence to the next level from creating the perfect brand identity for your business to planning it and activating Marketing strategies in order to create an adequate image.

➝Our Vision:

We believe that, in order to serve our customers better and obtain sustainable results, we need to describe some of the aspects of our business.

◆People: Manage relationships with all your surroundings, whether they are your customers, your associates, your employees or even your competitors.

◆Citizenship: One must be responsible towards the society, not only by expressing values to the third party, but also by proving the veracity of those values and their impact on the work procedures.

◆Transparency: This golden rule says it all; stay true to your customers and prospects and communicate only true facts about your identity.

➝Our Core Values:

◆Build Value: We believe that with our services, we can guide entrepreneurs into building a stronger relationship with customers and share valuable content.

◆Be interactive: Nobody likes someone that does not interact back with them. Communication is key.

◆Trust: Our projects are built on the trust we share with our staff members. This encourages our clients to trust us back.

◆Diversity: A wide range of products and services that allow us to support our customers by responding to all kinds of needs by providing full offline and online business solutions.

◆Be open: Never limitate your imagination and creativity, you might come up with something extraordinary.

◆Sharing: We believe that every Multiframes member has the right and the capability to share opinions and ideas with the rest of the team. That way, we can come up with highly innovative content as a group.

◆Commitment: Commitment is a must and we are committed to satisfy our clients by responding to their needs efficiently.

Wait no more and take your business to a whole new level by allowing us to guide you through it all!



Qubic Center, 5th floor, 5D,  Daoud Ammoun Street, Sin el Fil, Beirut, Lebanon
+961 (1) 50 11 80
+961 (1) 50 11 81
+961 (71) 51 04 14