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Patient Care Management

Care management is a set of activities intended to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by enhancing coordination of care, eliminate duplication, and helping patients and caregivers more effectively manage health conditions. These efforts have demonstrated potential to improve quality and control costs for patients with complex conditions.
It lists the health problems facing a patient such as non transitive illnesses or diseases, physical or mental disorders, injuries suffered by the patient, and anything else that has affected the patient or is currently ongoing with the patient.
The list also usually identifies when an injury or illness occurred or was discovered and when it was resolved. A well-designed medical problem list provides a clear picture of a patient's health problems that require consideration or medical intervention.
The benefits of problem listing include:

  • The problem list helps practitioners provide customized care by helping them identify the most important health factors for each patient.
  • The problem list can be used to identify disease-specific populations because it is easier to analyze the data and find all patients with a common illness
  • Health centers conducting quality improvement programs can use problem lists to identify their disease-specific patient populations, provide follow-up care, and ensure all patients are receiving care that meets best practices in treatment.
  • The problem list can also serve as the basis for determining standard measures or report cards for practitioners and healthcare institutions.
  • The problem list can also be used to identify patients for potential research studies.


  • Customizable
  • Traceable
  • Consistency
  • User Freindly
  • Permission & Restrictions
  • Generating Reports
  • Responsive
  • Online & Offline
  • Secured
  • Notifications
  • Always up-to-date

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