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Protect your emails database

How to protect your emails database?

Our team has developed a portable "Email Marketing Application" for that purpose.

  • The application can be installed on your own server so you ensure your dependence from Multiframes or from any email marketing service provider.
  • Your database would totally be protected since it would not be shared with anyone. The application is written in PHP. It works on a shared/dedicated server.
  • The application is multi-users, so it can be used as a service for the clients.

Some Application Functionalities:

  1. Ability to create mailing lists or/and categories and manage them.
  2. Ability to add emails either by importing them from CSV file (must be clean file) or adding them one by one.
  3. When you add emails one by one, you can validate them. However the aforementioned is not recommended for emails list more than 500 emails since this process is time-consuming because it is trying to send an email to the recipient to check if he has a valid mail box). You can also skip the duplicate emails in the list, export the valid list or save it in the database, export the non-valid list or save it in the database for later cleaning process.
  4. Adding sender email, which must be valid to avoid IP black listing. A verification link will be sent to this email to verify it.
  5. Manage templates: copy and paste the design from any online page (html+images) and paste it in the template editor to save it in the database with a specific name. The template could be either plain text or html.
  6. Send newsletter: ability to send the newsletter to one or more mailing lists/categories by checking them and specifying the sender name, sender email, reply-to email, bounced email (in case of failure emails, all the failed emails will be forwarded to that email).
  7. The application uses the cron job to send the lists that is by means of scheduling the lists to be sent by groups to save the server resources crashing. This procedure is considered beneficial in case the server is hosted on any hosting company, so the application will not exceed the resources limit usage.
  8. To keep track of the application functionalities, there's a logs section which contains the number of emails with date and time in case of success or failure

System requirements:
System requirement is dependent on the number of emails you want to send. For small business, the shared hosting or servers will work fine (up to 10000 emails per day), but for medium and large mailing lists, you would need dedicated server linux based.

The application is well tested on hosting, both shared and dedicated.

It can be sold as a product which is mean you can pay for the source code and continue developing them in order to add your own options and enhancements, or it can be integrated or deployed on your own servers as a service so you start using it to send to the subscribers!

The application is written in php and ajax for some processing.

  • Customizable
  • Traceable
  • Consistency
  • User Freindly
  • Permission & Restrictions
  • Generating Reports
  • Responsive
  • Online & Offline
  • Secured
  • Notifications
  • Always up-to-date

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