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Wireless POS Solutions

Wireless POS Solutions to help you manage your restaurant. Composes of: PI Electronique touch screen, PI Electronique hand held waiter pad, and PI Electronique kitchen screen.

If you have a problem we own it and that is your guarantee of ongoing success.
Our service aim is to maintain full restaurant operation during your trading hours.
NB: After a power blackout your back on line instantly, no waiting, no lengthy re-booting, no loss of data , no potential disc crashes or indexing issues. Ultimate peace of mind protection built-in.

PI Electronique touch screen

    - Superlative touch screen system 8” or 15” screen size
    - Perfectly stable bar top stand or wall mounted
    - Super tough tempered glass touch panel
    - Waterproof bezel free screen
    - Mission critical design and build quality
    - Intuitive hospitality specific display
    - Biometric, dallas key and magnetic card readers
    - Solid state no moving parts, fanless
    - Ports for all peripherals built in
    - Interfaces with hotel reservation systems, loyalty systems and much more


PI Electronique hand held waiter pad

    - Order taking at the customer’s table
    - Dallas key reader for access to manager functions
    - Quick and intuitive input of order and comments etc.
    - Immediate sending of drinks to the bar and food to the kitchen
    - Everything is automatically billed
    - Bill printing, splitting and transfers all from hand held
    - Colour coded table plan view status of all tables in real time
    - Receive message and stock alerts from the kitchen
    - Send and receive messages between handys


PI Electronique kitchen screen

    - The kitchen screen “the missing link”
    - Stainless steel and wall mounted
    - Instant waiter messaging from kitchen, send messages to handys and printers.
    - Displays real time stock levels of dishes and alerts waiters to sensitive and sold out items.
    - View table plan with time of order and time of call away.
    - Recap of main courses to go
    - Head up display of orders
    - Access to all pos functions for chef and manager with secure dallas key reader
    - Programming of daily specials from kitchen.

  • Customizable
  • Traceable
  • Consistency
  • User Freindly
  • Permission & Restrictions
  • Generating Reports
  • Online & Offline
  • Secured
  • Notifications
  • Always up-to-date

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