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Multiframes Clients

NEXtCARE established in 1999, the company specializes in providing complete health insurance management and administration services to healthcare payers including self-insured employers. Having regional presence with a global reach, NEXtCARE provides its clients with the perfect balance between unrivalled customer service and maximum cost optimization. This is further asserted through being a member of the renowned Allianz Worldwide Partners, the international leader in insurance and assistance services.

NEXtCARE prides itself on its ability to administer custom-designed healthcare plans in response to the clients’ unique requirements, providing them with a competitive advantage while supporting the ever-changing legislative landscape of the private health insurance market. The company is able to mix and match various services with the aim of providing an innovative “Plug & Play” concept which efficiently complements existing products.

NEXtCARE drives efficiency through its large platforms that runs one of the region’s first 24/7 medical and multilingual call centre for a direct and partner network. Operations in the company are supported by strong IT, Compliance, Legal, Communications, Business Management, Market Management, Quality Assurance and Auditing teams that ensure smooth and outstanding performance. Risk Management and Mitigation is crucial for the company which invests greatly in creating Disaster Recovery and Contingency Sites that extend peace of mind and tranquility to its clients.