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BDL Employees Savings and Loans Association

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BDL Employees Savings and Loans Association has been established in 1979. It is directly related to the Ministry of Agriculture - Department of Cooperatives. Its main activities are Financial ans Social. It is managed by a board of directors that consist of 7 members: The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 Members; 3 members as spares and 3 as internal auditors. They are elected for 3 years renewable.
Members subscribe to the Association by buying a share and then contributing with a monthly amount paid 12 times a year and saved with the Association and repaid plus interest at the time of resignation of the member from the Association. In addition, the Association lends its members 2 types of loans: A short and a long term loan. These loans are repaid in equal monthly amounts over 16 payments a year.
In terms of social activities, the Association strives to get hold of corporate deals in different businesses and deliver them to its members. It takes charge into following up those deals making sure the members are always getting special care and attention for the best prices.
Finally, the Association can take part in any activity that benefits its members and works hard to keep all its members satisfied.