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Akkar Gov Mobile App

Multiframes Clients

Akkar mobile app is developed for data collectors in which they will be able to collect demographic data about Akkar’s cities such as; population size, number and state of houses, Syrian Refugees, international organizations, municipalities, public places, police station, etc… as well as directory for:

1. Important sites
o Police station
o Civil defense
o ISF stations
o Libraries
o Etc.

2. Health sites
o Hospitals
o Clinics
o Pharmacies
o Doctors
o Nurses
o Etc.
- Education
o Public schools
o Private schools
o Universities
o Etc.

3. Environment
o Rivers
o Lakes
o Type of trees and plants
o Nature reserves
o Caves
o Etc.

o Touristic places
o Restaurants
o Hotels
o Coffee shops
o Cinemas
o Theaters
o Historical places
o Caves
o Etc.

5. Economics
o Type and number of shops
o Industries
o Artisans
o Quarries, Crushers, Sanders, etc…
o Olive presses
o Galleries
o Wood factory
o Animal Farms
o Etc.

The user can check contact info (email and phone number), address and Google map location for each site

The app serves as questionnaire, in which the data collector will be able to visit municipalities and fill the questions through the app. The major advantage is, it can be used online/offline with the ability to use GIO location, since some areas are not covered with 3G connection.
The aim of this project is to generate database for Akkar to further assist the municipality and the Lebanese government to have accurate data about the cities as well as generating reports and statistics especially in the natural disasters, and providing the citizens with an online directory.The mobile application is developed for data collector where they will be able to collect demographic data (population, size, gender, income, education, etc.) of Akkar Governorate.

The data collector can check in to get the location (city), Geo Location, to start filling the questionnaire. The major advantage of this app that it can be used online/offline.