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Bekaa Water Establishment Mobile App

Multiframes Clients

The Bekaa Water Establishment currently provides water supply services to an estimated population of 525,066 people, and limited irrigation services in the areas of Yammouneh and Deir Al Ahmar. The population officially registered as customers of the Establishment, and receiving water supply service (Service Coverage), represents approximately 69% of the estimated total population within the service area of BWE.
Therefore , Multiframes will develop, design and assist in the launch of a multi-portal through a mobile application focused on:

  • Broadcasting BWE projects
  • Results
  • Awareness-raising messages and news on water-related issues
  • Communicate the dates of yearly bills for the subscribers
  • Allowing customers to submit geo-referenced complaints to BWE

The “Submit a complaint” functionality is able to gather data and generate statistics about the type of requests submitted and the users submitting requests. Information collected will be in line with the information collected by BWE when receiving inquiries or complaints.