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Online agency in beirut


Why you should have a Website:

In most countries the number of websites exceeds 10,000 however, ¾ of these websites DO NOT MEET the standards of professionalism.
Thus, as the industry of web design and development is immensely growing, creativity and professionalism are becoming a basic constituent to a successful online business growth and continuous success.
A website is the first interface between your prospects and you. Therefore, it is a MUST for it to be an adequate reflection of your business to the viewers and that it contains a personalized design with a friendly use.

What we can do for you:

Our professional, dedicated and creative team design and develop the website and customize it based on your needs wherever you are.
In order to attract and create a sustainable relationship with the visitor of your website, we reflect the image created to the viewers by relying on the perfect placement of graphics and color schemes in the web page.

Note that, at Multiframes, we take care of the requirements of your business but never disregard your budget! We even create adequate packages to your needs. You can even Request for a Quotation in order for you to see it for yourself.

Our designers take care of every single detail that makes all the difference and make sure the details are given attention. For instance, we inform our customers about the importance of the colors used in your website and the attractivity some specific colors can get you.

We make sure that your Website:

• Is unique and original
• Reflects your identity, vision and perspective
• Stands out from those of your competitors
• Contains an organized and consistent content
• Is user-friendly: Making sure that the viewer can navigate easily through the website and can easily find the answer to his inquiry
• Contains numerous "Call to Actions" that guide your prospect to take action whether it is by becoming your customer, giving you a call to learn more about you or giving you their contact information.

Learn more about Web Design:

• Web design allows you to create a lively website that keeps bustling with activities, which paves the way for increasing the number of visitors of your website. This could be done by the help of several factors that will keep you ahead in the race of website rankings which is also known as Search Engine Optimization.

• Keywords are key elements to a thriving website. A variety of smart keywords reflect your identity. They provide a description of who you are, what you do, and your brand terms. For instance, keywords must be used in bullet points, business slogans, graphic descriptions, internal and external links, footer links and sitemaps, etc.

• Furthermore, Google basically analyzes your links, internal navigation, and content material in addition to being Responsive: It measures the success of your website in accordance to the quality of information on your website. This is why you need to create a navigation that is convenient for both the user, and the search engine.

• In addition to that, articles, advertising and yellow page listing could assist you in driving more and more traffic to your site.

Learn more about Web Development:

Web development has become more and more robust after developing and becoming an industry on its own.Websites that want to promote their services and sell their brands online to customers have to rely on an “easy-to-use” web development software in order for them to do it with excellence and outstand their online competitors.

The progressive set of tools and technologies that we have developed internally allow customers to build a powerful and vigorous website. Having both technical and design expertise we create properly joined-up web and internet solutions: back-end systems which are robust and reliable and front-end interfaces which are attractive, usable and properly integrated with your design and brand.

Effective planning is crucial where technical development is concerned and is necessary in order to avoid costly mistakes.
Our profound technical understanding and experience is reflected in practice as we know what can be achieved with the resources, budget and timescales available.

Our long time experience in developing interactive features and Web Applications helps us undertake full bespoke development projects, and create unique applications from simple forms and calculators to sophisticated interactive applications.

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