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Multi Operators Support System

Live chat application includes the following features:

  • Multi Operators chat system based on web and it runs under your domain.
  • Live chat transfer between operators.
  • Creates unlimited department like sales department, technical department, etc...

You may check below the full features list:

  1. UNLIMITED Operators
  2. Real-Time Communication
  3. Real-time Chats
  4. Multiple Chat Requests
  5. Operator-to-Operator Chats
  6. Email Signature
  7. Auto Save Transcripts
  8. Email Transcripts
  9. Capture Visitor Data
  10. Customization and Administration
  11. Operator Console Monitor
  12. Operator Online/Offline Activity Monitor
  13. TEXT LINK to support
  14. Spam Blocking
  15. Chat Window Themes
  16. Reporting and Stats
  17. Visitor Traffic Monitor popular!
  18. Daily Request Reports
  19. Log Transcripts
  20. Efficiency Control
  21. Traffic Monitor Refresh Rate
  22. Operator Auto-Reconnect
  23. Canned Responses
  24. Set Operator Request Order
  25. Transfer Calls
  26. Support Hour Message
  27. Sound Request Alert
  28. Leave a Message
  29. Runs on Your Server and Domain


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