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With more than 1 billion regular internet users around the globe, and at least 72,000,000 individual domain names in current usage, the World Wide Web relies heavily on search engines to direct traffic to the products and services web users are looking for.
The leading engines alone, Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live, AOL and Ask, deliver more than 10 billion search results per month to web users worldwide.
Our expertise lies in search engine optimization, linking strategies and promotion of web sites to deliver them to your door.
Our SEO services are designed to service all types and sizes of web sites, whether the smallest brochure-type sites or the largest corporate sites. Our search engine optimization is not only comprehensible, but also systematically implemented, and realizes exemplary results.

 SEO, Search Engine Optimization, as defined by Wikipedia, is the process of improving the ranking of a website on Internet search engines. However, SEO is dead as we know it. Google now basically aims at increasing back links and cramming keywords in order to identify your website and bury it in the search results.
Nonetheless, SEO is no longer a mathematical problem; it has evolved into a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to Ranking and link algorithms have become ineffective. It is about time you to see the truth about SEO and adjust accordingly.
We have modified and developed more contemporary on more contemporary ways of getting results for our clients and now we provide the following solutions for your website’s prosperity in the online market.

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.)
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Panda & Penguin Updates Recovery
  • Unnatural Links Removal
  • Local Listing Plans
  • Video Marketing plans

Obviously, Google is becoming more and more personalized; thus, at Multiframes, we focus on getting local results for our clients. Traditional activities are no more used.
Following are some of the activities that we focus on the following:

  1. Local Classified Submissions
  2. Exceptional Articles
  3. Creation of Web 2.0 Properties
  4. Comprehensive "how to Articles"
  5. Creation of Face book Pages
  6. Twitter channels
  7. YouTube channel creation
  8. Google plus profile
  9. Focus on likes, shares, tweets, reedits, and +1 in order to get natural back links
  10. Anchor text diversity (will not use exact keywords for back links).
  11. Blogs for the website
  12. Meta tags/Title tag changes
  13. Heading tag changes
  14. Alt tag changes
  15. Interlinking wherever required.

 The significance of some of the aforementioned tasks varies with time. Thus Multiframes have dedicated its efforts to evolve accordingly. We have changed accordingly and can provide you with great assistance in your Online Marketing.
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SEO Packages


 Pages optimization  Up to 5 pages
 Keywords/Search Terms  7 keywords
 Reporting  Every three months 
 Content optimization   Up to 10 pages 
 Meta tags optimization   Up to 10 pages 
 Articles submission   Up to 10 unique articles 
 Links submission   Up to 100 links  
 Duration   3 Months 


 Pages optimization  Up to 25 pages
 Keywords/Search Terms  20 keywords
 Reporting  Every one month
 Content optimization   Up to 25 pages
 Meta tags optimization   Up to 25 pages
 Articles submission   Up to 25 unique articles
 Links submission   Up to 500 links
 Duration   6 Months 


 Pages optimization  Up to 40 pages
 Keywords/Search Terms  50 keywords
 Reporting  Every week
 Content optimization   Up to 40 pages
 Meta tags optimization   Up to 40 pages
 Articles submission   Up to 100 unique articles
 Links submission   Up to 1000 links
 Duration   One Year
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