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Social  Media Plans Social Media Plans
Social  Media Plans

Why you need Social Media Marketing Plans:

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales and decrease their marketing costs, right?
Social Media Plans allow you to improve your online presence and reflect your company’s image and values to the viewers. Some of you might think that their business might not need Social Media exposure, so here are some major reasons why you SHOULD be active on social media platforms:

1. Increase market exposure
2. Increase brand notoriety in less costs and time
3. Learn more about your competitors and their strategies
4. Benefit from different social media platforms exposure depending on your specific target
5. Attract new prospects with no demographic limitations
6. Convert viewers into customers
7. Showcase your services and products
8. Interact with your online contacts and build long lasting relationships
9. Share news or updates about your company
10. Share useful information to gain your viewer’s trust

What we can do for you:

If you are searching for social media marketing and management that will engage and expand your audience across the web, then you have come to the right place. Multiframes will help you build a solid online brand by creating and implementing the right social media strategy that targets influencers in your niche market, increases word of mouth referrals and makes sure your brand or business stay on top of the conversation in your industry.

How we do it:

• Discovery: We learn about your business, its social presence and website to be able to raise awareness through all social media channels across the region.
• Strategy: A social media strategy is set by creating relevant content and drive engagement among target audience.
• Execution: We optimize the campaign in order to maximize conversion by following the strategy set and hit the goals that were set.
• Analyzing and reporting: We provide the necessary tools for an adequate analysis and regular reporting to track the project performance and make the necessary adjustments.


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