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“Rose Pompon” is a dream come true, after months and months of planning, imagining, and studying. My goal was to combine my knowledge, my experiences and my own perceptions into the shop. In other words, I had to surpass my limits and do things my way; starting from the name, passing by the products and ending by the whole experience that a customer might have when visiting the shop.
The first step was to come up with a name that would reflect my identity and personality, and would summarize the whole concept of the shop. After a long searching process, my mind was finally set on “Rose Pompon” – which refers to the small spherical pink rose that reflects the childlike grace and kindness at the same time. Simply, it was the perfect combination of meaning and interpretation, and represented a source of hope and luck for me.
The second and most important step was to choose the products to be sold and displayed. I went to trade fairs in Italy hoping to find things that were not available in the Lebanese market yet. The brands brought are all European; Italian, Austrian and Greek. My main aim is to offer customers a wide selection of trendy women accessories, fashionable jewelries, leather bags, silky scarves and much more that would satisfy the most sophisticated and different tastes. The items are diversified in terms of styles, materials, budget, but common in terms of quality.
“Rose Pompon” is fully committed to providing customers with the best possible service and professionalism. Fashion might change, shopping might change, but our commitment to please customers never would. Whether you are buying a gift for yourself, your friends, family or acquaintances… Rose Pompon is where you will find the best choices for the required budget.
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