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Link Program
The project was completed in collaboration with Novartis and Lebanese Society of Nephrology and Hypertension. The aim of Link Program is about having a social platform specialized to connect kidney transplantation doctors with each other at the first level and with CHU Grenoble at the second level. Link takes the form of mobile app and web based application.

Main Features
1. Cases:
-Doctors can share cases (medical/patient) in which they can illustrate the overall case starting from the problem, the implemented tactics, his/her approach toward this case, associated with images and videos.
-As well as, get consultation for a certain case from CHU or other doctors in this community by mentioning their name in the case.
-Moreover, they can demonstrate the solutions for this case so that other doctors in the community become aware of it and take the required precautions.
-However, other doctors can interact with any posted case by adding comments, show interest, provide consultation
- Doctors can edit case privacy by which they can make it visible for public or doctors within the same country or specific “to one of the doctors”.

2. Articles:
-The platform allows doctors to post articles, related to his/her recent studies and researches, in which they can send it directly to one doctor or to many, mentation doctors’ name, etc.
-Check upcoming webinar, webinar’s date, webinar’s location through Google map, check relevant details
- Doctors can show intention to attend the webinar, in which a notification will be sent to him/her as reminder prior to this webinar.
-Also, they can check previous webinars, details, video, photo gallery, etc.

- Doctor can chat with each other by sending messages to one doctor or group of doctors. Moreover, the doctor can attach files, forward and reply to this message

4. Doctors Profile:
-Doctor can check other doctors profile, check contact info, experience and educational background
- Doctors can edit his/her profile by changing contact info, educational info or experience

5. Medications:
- Novartis will be able to post recent medications details and updates
-Share these medication with the community to stay updated

-Doctors will be able to check their own calendar, check upcoming webinar, etc. Link Platform is developed in collaboration with Novartis and the Lebanese Society of Nephrology and Hypertension to serve as network, connecting all doctors across Levant region (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and Novartis’ Headquarter France) and creating a Doctors Social Network aiming on enhancing the “Doctor to Doctor” connection to easily share their experiences and opinions on real-life cases and medical topics.

The main features of the app allow doctors to create, view and edit their profile, view other doctor’s profiles and experiences, create, view and comment on cases, post, view and interact on articles, check and attend webinars, send messages to doctors and receive news about medical topics.
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    Link Program Login
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    Link Program Dashboard
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    Link Program Cases
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    Link Program Articles
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    Link Program Articles & Opinions
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