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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is best defined at Multiframes. Email marketing is a means for individuals, companies, organizations or groups to develop and maintain effective communication with customers, contacts, subscribers or members. This process is simple and efficient as it provides an established way to manage lists of email contacts, build a professional colorful email templates and messages, schedule campaigns and track the results and actions of the user’s contacts.

Multiframes is an Email Marketing Service Provider; an outside email sending service that is white listed with the major ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) and is committed to getting your messages to your recipients.

Email Marketing provides the best known (ROI) Return on Investment.

We provide the client with a way to access his secure account over the Internet and then prepare, build, proof, schedule, send, store and track the messages.

Below are six steps to build and get results which are further elaborated. In addition, tips on how to use our express delivery system for your requirements are also included.


Email Marketing is not SPAM

People prefer to receive emails from familiar places rather than offers they did not request. Such emails are referred to as SPAM, also known as Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) and Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE).

However, Email Marketing is not considered SPAM because it is a consent based method through which the user stays in touch on periodic bases. IT is directed towards valued loyal returning subscribers, customers or members who specifically desire to receive news about the same relevant subject matter that they originally signed up to receive from you, your company, organization or membership group.


Who Needs Email Marketing?

Marketing is essential for those who have to deal with the public incorporate email marketing services such as Viper Mailer provides. The following are some of our email marketing service features:
  •   The power to produce a colorful and graphic template or message that would help you present a very professional outward appearance to your recipients.
  •   Email list management which provides routinely maintenance and keeps your contact list accurate while never allowing a recipient to receive the same message twice.
  •   Email delivery to recipients that is more qualified than using the personal computer to achieve the aforementioned tasks, generally restricted by your ISP’s when sending more then 50 or more messages.
  •   Email marketing services that are alluded to by those who seek results.
  •   Manufacturers that release a new product or service
  •   Single retailers, distributors, or national chains that might offer new items, reduced or discounted items for sale.
  •   Groups, clubs, non-profits, Chamber of Commerce or business membership clubs.
  •   Art dealers announcing events such the release of a new piece or the signing of a new artist.
  •   Automobile manufacturers or individual car dealerships directed towards previous buyers.
  •   Hotels, tourism, golf courses and theatres that regularly offer, (out of season) weekday specials to return clients.

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