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Mouwahidoun Druze
The aim of developing the website is to provide an overview about Mouwahidoun Druze community that shows details about its general structure, board members, and administration. Accordingly, the user is able to interact with the different website sections and navigate through the pages to stay updated with latest news, activities, laws and regulations. In addition to that, the website displays the latest projects fulfilled and accomplishments.

Moreover, the website serves as mean to interact with users around the world either by finding a presenter in their country and to donate and contribute for rehabilitation and maintenance for the community.
  • Mouwahidoun Druze Home Page
    Mouwahidoun Druze Home Page
  • Mouwahidoun Druze Maaref
    Mouwahidoun Druze Maaref
Qubic Center, 5th floor, 5D,  Daoud Ammoun Street, Sin el Fil, Beirut, Lebanon
+961 (1) 50 11 80
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