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Republic of Lebanon - Ministry of Economy & Trade
Changes in global economy and access to the leb common market urge Lebanon to devise new administrative and financial support measures instrumental in enhancement of competitiveness at the national level as well as promotion of national economic growth and business development. Lebanon is pursuing new economic policy as a result of a number of factors, such as high GDP rate and consistently increasing profit of undertakings accompanied by still rapid emigration of the national labour force, new challenges of specific industry sectors, insufficient investments to innovation development, and etc.

In pursuing strategic national economic development objectives and implementing the mission of the Ministry of Economy - to develop positive legal and economic environment for economic development and ensure public welfare and employment – major focus is placed on promotion of innovations, improved administration of the EU structural funds, small and medium-sized business development and ensured energy safety. One of the measures intended to enhance business efficiency and competitiveness of the country’s economy is continuous perfection and updating of the company law. The Ministry of Economy is involved in shaping the overall property privatization policy an well as improvement of legal basis of domestic and foreign trade sectors. There are commercial attachés representing Lebanon’s interests abroad. Significant achievements have been attained in improvement of the leb affair coordination system as well as national interest representation before the leb authorities and international organizations.

The Ministry of Economy is the principal institution coordinating the development of the Long-Term Development Strategy of the State which
identifies measures aimed at accelerating economic growth, enhancement of economy competitiveness as well as promotion of employment and investments to the human capital.

The Ministry of Economy makes active efforts to cooperate at all levels with public authorities, social partners, scientific establishments and
business associations that can bring helpful consultations, advice and proposals instrumental in pursuing the Ministry’s objectives in order to
contribute to more rapid national economic growth.
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