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Google Investing in the Future of Humanity
A new face for Google, fascinating for some and scary for others, the American group and internet giant is now investing in the future of humanity.

For most of the population, Google is a Search Engine allowing million users globally to search for online information, articles, videos, images and songs.

But what most of us ignore until this moment, is that Google has a new ambition that is way more developed that advanced searches on the internet: Increasing the Life Expectancy.

Reliable resources announced that an American semi-secret research and development facility founded by Google in January 2010, X, a.k.a. Google [x], is working on creating pills and small robotics that will be implemented in the human body in the near future. Robotics will allow a sanitary development of cells and an early detection of diseases even before it declares itself.

In a couple of years only, our body will be able to auto-heal itself and our mind will be in direct contact with a synthetic brain leading to our thoughts being not only biological but also non-biological.

A Robotic Body, a Programmed Conscious to become Immortal, the incredible prophesy of the man joining Google with all these destiny-changing discoveries cannot help but creating insane rumors about the intentions of his employer, Google.

In TIME Magazine, Google claimed being able to “Solve Death”. Working on lenses to monitor our diabetes and pills allowing to detect cancerous cells even before it declares itself; our health definitely triggers the interest of the internet giant.

X is collaborating with pharmaceuticals giants from Novartis to other companies specialized in antibodies, a DNA expert and another one specialized in aging.

Google is definitely investing in promising medical and health-related matters. Coming from a specialist in the gathering of personal information of millions of users, this “generosity” is doubted to be innocent: Google, controlling people online for a while now, could be up to making humans believe that Google can help them know better about their health and avoid sickness leading to Google having an additional tool to control people.

X is predicting that the last “pure” human, with no robotics or whatsoever technologies in their body, will die in 80 years.

Should we beware of the influence technology will have on humanity? Will Google be able to determine means to live eternally? Would these means be accessible to all the population or only a minority of it? These questions that trigger our curiosity will remain, unfortunately, unanswered for the moment.
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