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LINK Program - Doctors Social Network
Multiframes is announcing the official launch of the LINK Program Mobile App and Web based application. The Doctors Social Network is destined to all the Nephrologists in the MENA region (Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia)

The project was a collaboration between Multiframes, Novartis and the Lebanese Society of Nephrology and Hypertension.

The main purpose of the program is to create a Doctors Social Network aiming on enhancing the “Doctor to Doctor” connection allowing them to easily share their experiences and opinions on real-life cases and medical topics.

The main features are as following:

1. Create, view and edit profile:
Allowing doctors to enter their information including their degrees, professional experiences and relevant images.

2. View other doctor’s profiles and experiences:
Creating the opportunity for doctors to learn more about other doctors’ profile, knowledge, experiences and professional pathways.

3. Create, view and comment on cases:
Motivating doctors to share and interact on real-life medical cases they are facing in order to gather other several professional opinions and advice on such situations.

4. Post, view and comment on articles:
Posting and interacting on articles allow doctors to enhance their knowledge about medical topics. The Doctors Social Network allows doctors to share medical statistics and reports as a blog which encourages the interaction.

5. Check and attend webinars:
Getting notifications about the past, actual and upcoming webinars with the option to attend.

6. Send messages:
Sending private or “one-on-one” messages to a specific doctor or group of doctors.

7. Receive news about medical topics, cases and articles:
Receiving broadcasted health-related news and updates and being notified when a new case or article is posted on the platform.

Having a unique design and being user-friendly, the LINK Web based application and mobile app has been customized to create a responsive interface for a more efficient exchange between doctors.

You can watch a short brief about the purposes and benefits of the LINK Program on YouTube

The LINK Program is available on

Download the Mobile App now!

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