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Whatsapp Recall Feature, Not a Rumor Anymore!
A year ago, there have been rumors about Whatsapp adding a recall feature for app users.
Rumor has it, this feature is only available for a limited number of users and hopefully will be accessible for all of the app users very soon.

What does the “Recall” feature do?

Some of us have sent spontaneous messages to someone and have regretted it afterwards. Others have been in awkward situations by sending messages to the wrong contacts.
After this feature being requested from millions of users, these uncomfortable situations can now be avoided!

The new delete/recall feature allows users to delete messages sent before the receiver checks them. Though, it only works if both sender and receiver have the latest version of Whatsapp installed on their mobile device or the web version of it.
This option has been accessible for online a limited number of users of Android, iPhone and Windows users.

How to use it?

Reports said that this option will probably be called “Delete for Everyone” and will be easy to use: A trash icon will be showcased so that users can choose which message to recall.
The trash option will work for all texts, images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, quoted messages, contacts, files, locations and status replies on WhatsApp.

To enable the trash icon, a user shall enter a chat, tap and hold on a specific message, click on the trash bin icon and select “Delete for Everyone” option.
However, as mentioned above, this feature is only available if both parties, sender and receiver, use the latest Whatsapp version. Another catch would be that it also only works within 7 minutes of sending the message. After that timeframe, messages or documents sent cannot be recalled.


Deleted messages will be replaced by the following sentence: "This message was deleted for everyone." and will deleted from the chat page as well as from the notifications pane.
This option will be limited to messages sent to individual chats and is not functional for messages sent to all users in a broadcast list.

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