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Robots Will Soon Replace Our Smartphones!

Rumor has it that robots will soon replace our smartphones!

It is well known that the virtual world has proven itself to have no boundaries. A decade ago, people have shown incredible addiction to the new technologies'> technologies; mainly, smartphones. People all over the world are almost fully dependent on mobile devices in order to accomplish daily routines.

But, what if something even bigger and wider is about to be launched? You think it is impossible, yet, tech insiders have revealed the news: Robots will soon replace our smartphones!
The robots are said to be unbelievably realistic and very efficient for users: the life-like droids will be daily companions for basic help such as making coffee and even buying personal stuff. Also, these robots will be its user’s personal assistant and adviser on various matters.

This exclusive news was announced last week at the G-Summit conference organized by GWC. The summit gathered people from all around the world in California in order to discuss robotics, new techs and artificial intelligence.

Today, the robotic specimens still have limitations, but scientists are optimistic and cannot wait to improve their creations.


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