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Facebook Introducing Virtual Reality!

Facebook is Hitting Again!

There is no doubt that Facebook, which has started as internal exchange tool, has now become one of the main online platforms that allows billions of users, individuals and corporates, to stay connected, sell products/services and exchange ideas.

What you probably did not expect, is for Facebook to bet on the Virtual Reality as its next BIG THING!

We’ve already acknowledged the fact that Facebook always has new visions, features and perspective; for instance, adding the 360-degree photo option.
Today, Facebook has not only decided to integrate Virtual Reality, but is also trying to push a new wave of Virtual Reality Movies, TV Shows and Videos, as a way to stimulate the whole world to get on board!

Accordingly, Facebook is trying to usher in a new era in movies, TV and any other video by using Virtual Reality to make them more social. It has unleashed its idea of the NEXT BIG STEP during the recent Facebook F8 Conference 2017. Furthermore, the Virtual Reality tool has been showcased as a demo to all the attendees across a variety of countries.

Purposes of the VR

The purpose of this tool has many purposes; you can pretty much do whatever you want with the Surround 360 camera design! From building your own, making smaller/cheaper versions or bigger/premium versions, etc. It is designed to be easy to assemble from readily-available parts and hackable.
The videos made with these cameras, so long as they stick to the standard set here by Facebook, will be ideal for the social network's own Oculus Rift VR headset, pushing the whole market forward. And the test videos released will definitely leave visually-minded people wanting to explore the possibilities. "We wanted high-quality results to inspire people," Cabral says.

The Master Plan

Cabral says that the best way to think about where Facebook is going with virtual reality is to think about Facebook itself. When you think about Facebook, it is not a simple photo sharing service nor it is a way to post videos and links. It's much bigger than any of these aspects.
"Is it text? Is it video? It's all of those things," Cabral says.

Similarly, Facebook is looking to mash movies, TV, Virtual Reality, and video games together into a brand-new format unique to virtual reality.

The Interesting Part

This is where things get interesting. Cabral says that from Facebook's and Oculus' point of view, there's no difference between the video game stuff and the real-life stuff when it comes to virtual reality. He describes them as "orthogonal." Instead, Cabral describes virtual reality as a "continuum."

He envisions a world where you're (maybe, hypothetically) WATCHING A LIVE NBA GAME with a friend, in virtual reality. You would literally "see" them sitting next to you, and also, there are computer graphics projected over the court, providing statistics, instant replays, and memes from the internet, all while simulating the feeling of sitting courtside with a buddy.
So, much like how Facebook combines photos, and text, and comments, and GIFs, and all of that into one big social experience, Cabral sees virtual reality doing the same thing in a much more immersive way. In the past, Facebook has likened virtual reality to "teleportation."
But before any of that can happen, people need to actually be able to film in virtual reality. The plan is that with the Surround 360 providing such an easy way to shoot high-quality virtual reality video, it'll be easy for filmmakers both amateur and professional to get started. With the film community making their own twists on the camera, too, it'll be accessible to everyone for very specific needs.

Once the power to make virtual reality movies is totally commoditized, Cabral explains, then the curve of when all of this takes off can really accelerate. He says Facebook has talked to major "commercial artists," and that it's "not a whether" this happens, just a matter of when.
"It's happening," Cabral says.

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